1121 basmati rice
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Basmati Rice is a kind of long-grain rice which has special aroma and flavor and is far ahead in quality as compared to some of the other top varieties of rice. Having its origin in the Himalayan Mountains of India, Basmati Rice is the oldest cultivated and the most popular rice product of the world. No doubt Basmati has become the most preferred form of rice because of its versatile and nourishing nature. Unlike other rice forms, Basmati is well recommended for the patients suffering from diabetics as it has a medium glycemic index rating, which doesn’t allow blood sugar levels to rise quickly as normal rice does.
Cooking Basmati is a pleasure as it has a pleasant nut like flavor and aroma which can be used with many different dishes. Indian Basmati rice is famous worldwide for its sweet smelling flavor and distinctive taste. Our efficiently processed rice is also rich in features like :- long grain, non sticky, finetextureand longer shelf life.

1121 Basmati Rice is identified across the world for its appetizing flavor, enticing aroma,long grain, and non-sticky after cooking. It is also considered as world’s longest grain of rice.

Pusa Basmati Rice is a popular variety of Basmati Rice Developed by the Pusa Institute in Delhi(Commonly referred name for the Indian Agriculture Research Institute,New Delhi). We supply 100% pure,effectively processed,tempting aroma, standard size grain and deliciously flavored Pusa Basmati Rice.

Sharbati Rice is one of the premium species of non-Basmati Rice that us very economical in price. Being the mot preferred rice in daily cooking all over the world, our company acclaims to offer effectively processed long grain Sharbati rice in multinational market. Ore high-Quality, processed Sharbati Rice consists of Quality fiber content that makes it easy to digest. Ultimately , our uniquely manufactured processed rice is high on demand globally, to make appetizing cuisine such as Biryani, Kheer etc. We have a wide Reaching market where We commit to Export Prime Quality Rice. With our matchless Quality Rice Export services, we have attained a position as a dominating Rice Suppliers Worldwide. We pledge to serve 100% pure incomparable quality Rice meeting with all Health standards.